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SBE is a professional mining equipment manufacturer and exporter. We have a team of high quality research experts who have always been providing best crushing plant solutions for our customers. For more than 20 years, apart from grinding mill, we have provided with stone crusher,and jaw crusher etc.

Our mining machinery is developed on the basis of brought , digestion and absorbtion. Some enterprises have made some achievements in the independent cultivation capability .While from the overall industry , the independent innovative capability still need to be improved.


At present , the world market require the transformation from manufacturing to the innovation .And since the financial crisis ,China enterprises have suffered more and more complaint lawsuit from the world market of intellectual property right . And there have existed the changes of market environment , profits fight and also our imitation ,which have made us lost the confidence of our world person .So if we still make the manufacturing and adopt the foreign style and spare parts ,we will receive the grinding mill unsatisfaction from our customers .And we must have our own brands and independent innovation planning if we want to have a long-term stable development.

Compared with the previous financial crisis , we think that the independent innovative crisis is prominent while the most influence point is the breakthrough of the independent innovation .And one is the inner motivation from the enterprises and the other is the policy support ,which require the combination of this twp aspects.

Since the entry of WTO, the continuous economic development of our country have brought many foreign business partners ,whose join have brought the huge potential business opportunity and also large crisis to our ethic crisis ,particular to the manufacturing .And the situation has become more serious and the competition have become more violent .Faced with the pressure of strong capital and abundant Symons cone crusher technology from foreign machinery manufacturing ,the innovation sense of the domestic mining manufacturer have been evoked.And many of our products are apparently by the independent innovation while the core technology and some of the spare parts materials are still in the model of the foreign technology ,which means suicide to the challenge of foreign business.

And the world trade has become international and the development of mining machinery have taken the changes fastly. And the communication of the mining machinery technology have existed no country obstacle while we should ensure the relative independence in the whole production flow .If we need to import the metal materials of crusher ,grinding mill and the sand-making ,how can we compete with the fight with other suppliers .And as the major manufacturer of mining machinery, SME has suffered the pressure .

The mobile crushing and screening equipments , namely the mobile crushing plant features high reliability ,elegant outlook ,which have reached the international level. And now it has found its extensive application in the field of road-building , city construction ,metallurgy ,energy and so on. And the hydraulic driven portable mobile crushing plant include the jaw crusher,impact crusher ,cone crusher and screening mobile plant series.

Based on the world advanced technology and the independent innovation ,SME has developed many kinds of equipments ,including portable mobile crushing plant ,JC jaw crusher ,impact crusher, VSI sand-making machine ,VSI5X crusher ,V.W high-grade stone shaper (sand-making machine),CS jaw crusher,LM vertical roller mill, MTW trapezoid grinding mill, MTM trapezoid grinding mill .And all of above these have not only satisfy the practical demands of domestic customers but also become the necessary hi-tech equipments in the industrial production.

VSI sand-making machine , VSI5X crusher ,V.W high-grade stone shaper (sand-making machine) and other sand-making series have been developed by SBM features high advanced performance and low-energy consumption ,which have played a irreplaceable role in the fine crushing process .And as the most efficient and reliable sand-making machine ,it has covered the majority ratio with high performance .And the SBM sand making machine have been widely applied in the field of ores, cement, refractory materials ,bauxite clinker ,silicon sand ,glass materials,construction sand ,and metallurgy,etc.

The human civilization advance with the innovation of the basic industry.And as the main branch of mining machinery ,mining machinery have taken a significant role in the basic industry development.Abiding by the stone crusher technology innovation ,SME has brought huge future to the mining machinery industry.As to the weak crafts process ,SME has quickly adjust the strategy to organize the research and development team forward to the foreign market.And it also adopts the combination between the foreign and domestic designing technology ,including the group combination ,technology and talents brought. And we company should make the win-win solution.

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